Soccer Goal - Free Kicks Report
Soccer Goal – Free Kicks Report

Welcome to the Free Kicks Report, founded in 2017. A website dedicated to covering soccer across the United States through the weekly podcast, news, and analysis. Initially founded as a home for the Free Kicks Report podcast, the site will focus on the American game across the spectrum. MLS to the national teams to the NWSL to lower division soccer.

The Podcast

The weekly podcast has a tilt towards the positive in the sport. Interviews with individuals or teams that are either growing the game and/or having a positive impact on soccer in America. As a huge music fan, each episode is accompanied by a featured artist of the week.

The Blog

The game is always expanding. The Free Kicks Report hopes to provide a wide swath of coverage from the Open Cup to lower division team profiles. League expansion updates, transfer rumors, and editorials will regularly feature on the website.

If you would like to join the site, visit the Contact page and send us a message.